[HOT] Best Electric Bicycles in India – 2021

Cycling is a great way to maintain your Health & Mental health.

First thing, it’s a better thing than using a car. Bicycles do not emit harmful greenhouse gases like cars or motorcycles, nor do they burn expensive and limited fossil fuels for running.

Not only that, cycling is a cardiovascular exercise that also strengthens your leg and abdominal muscles. But it is also good for the soul!

Cycling allows you to experience the beautiful beauty of your surroundings. Cycling is in a lot of fun, meditation, and even spiritual activity.

The best thing about cycling is traveling with other people. Miles whisper when you are engrossed in a conversation and share an experience. Arranging to meet a friend is also a big motivation for you to come out.

You can join the cycling club, not all club members’ fast-cycling training. So don’t afraid that Joining a local group might introduce you to like-minded people and give you even more opportunities to enjoy cycling.

Then try off-roading and many other tricks, like if you call yourself Roadie. Take a mountain or bicycle cross bike and hit your local Bridgeway or one of Britain’s best hiking centers. Bumps, Obstacles, Speed: Off-road riding gives you a completely different Joyful Experience of cycling.

Electric bikes offer the best of both worlds. ABEX gives you all the physical and mental health benefits of cycling.

Of course, not all electric bikes are built the same, and you need to rely on a bike that you can trust before you put your feet in the pedals.

That’s why we have compiled a list of 5 best electric bikes on the in market. you’ll be happy to work, in college, or where you want to go, you can on time.

Cycling, also called cycling or cycling, uses two-wheelers for transportation, recreation, exercise, or sport. They are the primary means of transportation in many parts of the world. Cycling is considered to be the most optimal and effective way to transport at least medium distances.

Best Electric Bicycles In India

If you are looking for an excellent electric bicycle now, you are in the mood to find the best electric bicycle in India for your health and something new.

Similarly, before you decide to buy a new electric cycle, you first need to know the electric bicycle and price range’s main features.

Therefore, there are numerous options for you to choose your new electric cycle to your liking.

I want to say one more thing: if you have a budget limit and want an electric cycle, you can convert your current bicycle into an electric bicycle.

Hero Electric Bicycles

Hero Electric is the largest electric company in India. The brand has expanded in various fields such as bicycles, motorcycles.

Formerly known as Hero Honda, the company was started in 1984 as a joint venture between Hero Cycle, India, and Honda. The company performed exceptionally well, but in 2010 Honda decided to exit on its own. Hero bought shares of Honda, and in August 2011, the company was renamed Hero MotoCorp and received its new brand name.

On April 21, 2012, Hero MotoCorp announced plans for a  40$ million joint venture with Bangladesh’s Nautical Niloy Group over the next five years. The company is the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, with a market share of about 46%. Hero MotoCorp has four manufacturing facilities at Dharuhera, Neemrana, and Gurgaon in Haryana and Haridwar in Uttarakhand. These plants together have a production capacity of 7.6 million bikes per year.

Hero Electric India offers a total of 6 electric bicycles are on the list of Hero Electric bike models in the country.

In response to the recent growing demand for bicycles, Hero has created various experiments for its company and its products. A new separate product has been developed as a further refinement, one of which is the electric bicycle.

In this electric bicycle, a “twist and go” feature of throttle power is what gives the user a cycling experience without actually paddling. The Hero Electro comes with an electronic controller that makes it user-friendly with gears and easy to change speed.

Electric Bicycles price

The Good Quality Electric bike price starts with Rs. 18,000, and this price will be upgraded with the quality and features of an electric bicycle. some price depends upon the company brand and its components of the bicycle. if you want to add any other  modifications to your electric bicycle they will be an extra charge

Electric Bicycle Kit

electric bicycle


The electric bicycle conversion kit is a kit designed to convert your Normal bicycle into an electric bicycle. This electric bike conversion kit comes with a battery that is removable and portable. The e-bike conversion kit can be fully customized based on your needs and methods of use. There are many non-branded electric bike conversion kits available in the market at very low prices. Still, these kits are the fastest and best electric bicycle conversion kits available in India for ease of assembly and investment.

When purchasing an electric bicycle conversion kit from a manufacturer in India, please ensure that your electric bicycle kit includes all the components required for conversion. Also, check to see if you are offered a variety of customized options, including an electric bicycle conversion kit.

Kit Contain Motor, Controller, Throttle, Brake Lever, PAS, Controller Box, Spokes, etc.

Best Electric Bicycles In India

Swagtron EB-6 T Bandit Electric Bike

Swagtron EB 6 T Bandit Electric Bike

In this bicycle Frame made with aluminum alloy and tire size 20″ front & rear tire. In this cycle, we can apply the maximum load of 120kg. This product has 350W Motor and Battery of 36V 7.8A lithium-Ion. The Charging time 4-5 hours. This bicycle mileage is Range 32 KM and 7-speed Shimano gear. It has a Front & rear disc brake so that cause we stop our bicycle immediately. And the point is an Additional USB power port.

Choose this bike-powered pedaling automatically, or you might use an electric motor for a little extra boost on these kids’ electric fat-tire mountain bikes.

Its high-volume 4-inch tires mounted on a 20-inch rim allow young riders to ride a real fat bike’s maximum traction and smooth ride.

This cycle has a shift between seven gears to help you conquer different terrain.

These young fat bikes come with dual lever-activated disc brakes that provide control and safety at your fingertips.

You can charge your phone, GPS, or speakers using the USB port so that your favorite device is never without power, no matter where the ride takes you.

In-box includes 1 x swag cycle EB6, 1 x charger, 1 x user manual.

thumbs up regular


  • Frame Aluminium Alloy
  • 20″ Front & Rear Tyre
  • 7 Speed Shimano Gear
thumbs down regular


  • No one repairs this bike locally


GoZero Mile  Electric Bicycle

GoZero Mile Electric Bicycle

This bicycle, Gozero Mile, has a 250 W BLDC hub motor with 32 Nm of torque. This powerful but unobtrusive motor will give you a thrilling experience. The engine has waterproof cables that add extra layers to the safety of the product.

Battery efficiency is a lithium-ion battery Gozero Mile comes with a 300W lithium-ion battery. The battery pack contains high quality 18650 3C cells with over 800 charging cycles. The battery is portable and makes it easy to carry and charge anywhere.

The LED display informs you about the current PAS level and how much the battery is left. The display lets you control your pedal support level and turn on the headlights.

The Gozero Mile has three levels of pedal assist that can be controlled from the display. The 12 magnet PAS sensor allows you to increase the range. The higher the PAS level, the more help you will get from the motor.

Jack disc brakes and Orbishox cuts add to the premium feel and experience. The high-quality components used in the premium Gozero electric bicycle.

thumbs up regular


  • lithium-Ion Battery
  • LED Display
  • Pedal Assist
thumbs down regular


  • Built Quality Could Have Been Better


BattRE Electric Cycle

BattREA Electric Cycle

In this bicycle has Powerful BLDC 250 watts (IP 65 rated) motor.

Detachable and High capacity (8 Ah) Lithium-Ion battery. This bicycle Runs 25 to 37 km on a full charge.

High-Quality Wide Tires and its include Dual Disc Brakes. The wheels rims are Double Wall Alloy Rims.

the attractive part is the LED Meter and  3 Level Pedal Assist

This cycle frame is High Enduring Tensile Steel Frame its a lite weight and easy to carry with us.

thumbs up regular


  • 8Ah Lithium-Ion Detachable Battery
  • 36V 250W Motor
  • Inverted Front Suspension
thumbs down regular


  • Built Quality Could Be Better in LED Display


GOZERO MOBILITY One Electric Bicycle

GOZERO MOBILITY One Electric Bicycle

The Gozero One has a 250 W BLDC hub motor with 32 Nm of torque. This powerful but unobtrusive motor will give you a thrilling experience. The motor has waterproof cables that add extra layers to the safety of the product.

The GoZero 400W comes with a lithium-ion battery. The battery pack contains high quality 18650 3C cells with over 800 charging cycles. The battery is portable and makes it easy to carry and charge anywhere.

The LCD gives you all the information about your ride. Information includes speed, distance traveled, motor temperature, and remaining battery ratio. The backlit makes it workable even at night and in low light conditions.

The display lets you control your pedal support level and other functions of the controller. It also allows you to use features like cruise control and walk mode.

The Gozero One has five levels of pedal assist that can be controlled from the display. The 12 magnet PAS sensor allows you to increase the range. The higher the PAS level, the more help you will get from the motor.

TEKTRO DISC BREAKS and RALEIGH KET add premium feel and experience. High-quality components are used in the GoZero premium electric bicycle.

thumbs up regular


  • 250W Rear Hub BLDC Motor
  • 400 Wh High-Quality Battery
  • Range 55-60 km
thumbs down regular


  •  No warranty claim


Tronz Fat Tyre E-Bike Bicycle

Tronz Fat Tyre E Bike

The e-bike runs a 45 watts 36V motor with a 36th motor removal and a portable lithium-ion Samsung battery with 45+ KMS, which has a high capacity of electronics to reduce human effort.

The electric bicycle comes with a multi-dynamic LED battery level display indicator, easily commute with full twist throttle, a 5 level pedal boost with a smart electric sensor replacing mechanical gears.

This cycle is reliable and easy to use IP65 rated water-resistant electronic components, quick-release seat, 1-year warranty, easy to adjust the maximum-comfortable aluminum alloy frame to withstand pits, moderate rain, and dust. The anti-jerk shock absorber makes for a smooth driving experience, and trans-responsive e-brakes ensure safety when driving in high traffic zones. Electric bicycles do not require a license or registration.

With its aluminum metal frame and 26-inch wheels, Tronz aircraft are useful on city roads, on tarmac roads, to solve urban traffic jams and increase productivity time; Improve your fitness level and stay active with this perfect fat tire e-bike.

Auto electric cut off when brakes are applied. Front headlamps for night vision. The MTB frame gains more stability when running electric cycles in light. Comes with 140mm wide comfortable and safe seats.

thumbs up regular


  • lithium-Ion Samsung Battery
  • Multi-Dynamic LED Display
  • Aluminum Metal frame and 26-inch Wheels
thumbs down regular


  • Some extra accessories needed from the company




Equipped with an intelligent controller, 36V / 11.6Ah detachable Li-ion battery, and a 250W rear BLDC hub motor, this bike is programmed to give you excellent ride quality on flat and rocky terrain. You can get 75+ km per charge range with a top speed of 25 km per Hour.

The 21-inch aluminum alloy frame, with smooth welded joints, makes it the lightweight and good looking electric hybrid bike in the market. The H200 is built to international standards.

It can be used as a good quality regular bicycle, run on electric pedal-assisted mode, or run on accelerated powered full-electric mode. In electric mode, 3-level speed is given, and you choose the right one according to your need. Always keep in mind that full-electric acceleration mode will drain your battery faster (on any electric bike). The best experience of an electric bike is in paddle-assisted mode.

The battery is handy and comes with a lock, so you can charge it anywhere by removing it or attaching it to the bike. The fully electric throttle mode is designed to work only while riding the bike (and not in a standstill position) to prevent accidents/damage caused by accidental use of the throttle when parked in a home, office, or with people nearby.

Toutche offers the best warranty on its batteries on the market – 18 months or 500 cycles (whichever is earlier). Electric motors and controllers also come with an 18-month warranty. The frame comes with a 2-year warranty while the paint and decals have a 1-year warranty.

thumbs up regular


  • 36V / 11.6Ah Detachable Li-ion Battery
  • 21-inch Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • 75+ km per Charge Range With the Speed of 25 km per Hour
thumbs down regular


  • Some parts are required to be inbuild


Hero Lectro Clix 26T Single Speed Electric Cycle


Lectro Clix 26T Single Speed Electric Cycle brand is Hero Lectro this is a hero electric bicycle. in this bicycle comes with 40nm torque and BLDC sensors its first look in Sky Blue color and size is 26T.

The body of Lectro Clix is made with an Aluminum frame and the size of the wheels is 26″ in this bicycle battery is Lithium-ion Battery and its charger is 36V.

the Lectro has the best speed and good compatibility the top speed of Lectro is  25 kilometers/hour. It also has 3 levels of LED display. the best grip in Handlebar and soft-touch. Other made parts using Aluminum-alloy. so the bicycle is strong and rough and tough. you can buy online and offline there is two online option you have that is an and both product are same you can buy any bicycle, just some little bit difference of both products. but most is the same. so that you can enjoy your ride with a hero Lectro.

thumbs up regular


  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Top Speed of 25 km per Hour
thumbs down regular


  • Feels a bit expensive because of the price



Electric Bicycle Motor

electric bicycle motor

In today’s world, fossil fuels are being used; electric bikes or e-bikes are the way of the future.

Speaking, electric motors translate electrical energy into mechanical energy. E-bikes use brushless DC motors or BLDC motors, meaning that they do not use brushes to provide alternating directions to the current flowing to the motor, unlike older electric motors. Those brushes made engines less efficient and worn out over time, so brushless motors have been standard for more than a decade.

Understanding the interaction between rotors and stators is essential and knows how e-bike motors work. When the electromagnet turns on an electromagnet in the form of an electrical number, it attracts the electromagnet permanently to the back of the rotor adrawscts it so that it rotates.

The stator is attached to the shaft. On a mid-drive motor, the shaft rotates to generate torque, and that torque allows you to pedal through a small chainring attached to the shaft. On hub motors, the shaft becomes an axle, and therefore it does not rotate. Instead, the rotor spins itself, causing the entire motor (hub) to rotate, creating a torque that spins the front or rear wheel.

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