[HOT] 5 Best Skateboard Decks – That You Can Buy

Are you looking for skateboard decks?

We have compiled this article with the best skateboard decks that you can buy.

Skateboard deck is a flat and plain board that you are using to stand on the skateboard. The skateboard deck is the main base is of the skateboard. Which you use to stand while you are skateboarding.

When skateboarding on the skateboard, the main thing is the length, width, substantial thickness, material, inner part of the deck, and design; that’s determined how you will be capable of skateboarding.

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Types of Skateboard Decks

Standard Skate Decks


This is the best type of skateboard decks for kids and beginners because these decks are working well and good to use skate parks, street skating, and riding a skateboard. These types of decks we recommend for beginners because it’s lightweight and versatile.

Usually its make with the rigid wheels, these skateboards are shaped like popsicle sticks because both the nose and the tail are very characteristic or symmetrical. It works best with the standard skateboard of trucks.

Cruiser and Shaped Deck


Cruiser decks are the same length to standard decks, but they have many different types of shapes. This skateboard is easy and roughly used with faster wheels used to rough and obstacles surfaces. And the soft wheel is used to smoother surfaces or areas. Using this deck, you can ride very fast and taking a sharp curve. This can also be used to ride in skate parks, street skating if your goal is to go on long rides, cruiser deck skateboard is best for you.

Old School Deck


Old school decks respect vintage 80’s style of skateboards. These decks are wider and have longer wheelbases than standard decks, making them stable and excellent for bowl skating and transportation. Extra width and small noses make old school boards more difficult to flip or ollie, so they are not ideal for street skating.

it’s best for casual skating and pushing on the long distances and fast for hill riding. this deck also good for beginners. this is best and easy to learn how to balancing skateboarding. basically this type of skateboard coming with wider trucks big soft wheels it makes the best performance. in this deck, you can make and adds many modifications according to your choices.

Best Skateboard Decks Brands


Best Skateboard Decks

LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks Double Tail Skateboard Light Decks


LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks are the Russia maple and best skateboard choice. The  Russia Maple skateboards are an excellent choice of the skateboard.becouse its wood quality and fibers are growing in a cool environment, and its density is very high and good elasticity.

In this deck, the board is professional and made with using maple. This creates a more robust and lighter that’s making them more rigid and strong to breaking. Because of that, this deck is solid.

This is suitable for everyone. This is a Medium concave deck with any symmetrical shape. You can work for any skateboarding style. Good for park skating and street skateboarding. Best replacement skateboard deck for beginners. this deck Available in these sizes 8-inch x 31.75 inches if you buy this skateboard deck, so it’s coming with a free skateboard grip tape for free


Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck 


This Bamboo Skateboards Deck is made good with quality. This is made of bamboo, and it makes them stronger and lighter. It absorbs the shock, which helps you climb, hit a train, or fly over a pipe.

This skateboard deck has tested with its strongness.

This deck is an Eco friendly. The skateboards deck is made with high-quality bamboo, an Eco and environment friendly, and good durability of the material.  These decks are six-ply bamboo and maple hybrids that retain strength.

The decks are available in multiple sizes. These deep concave decks are suitable for all levels, from beginner and kids to pro-level.

RudeBoyz 28 Inch Wooden Graphic Printed Display Skateboard Deck


Rudeboys Wooden Graphic Printed Skateboard Deck Comes with Printed Design This new version of the wooden deck is attractive with its design.

This is an ultra-portable deck with a lightweight deck to load anything like a backpack. The product is just a deck, not including wheels, trucks, and grips. This deck dimension is 28 ″ x 8. This skateboard graphic print looks great.


TANJALI Skateboard Decks


The TANJALI Skateboard Decks are high quality, and the 7 Layer Maple Wooden Deck is a deck that comes with a nonslip surface that gives your feet an excellent grip on your feet when locked on your skiboard.

This deck comes with 54mm 92A PU wheels, fine bearings, and PU bushings. It can weigh 220 pounds weighing 100 kilograms. Great for beginners, kids, and skilled riders.

It is easy to learn to customize with the design of emery sandpaper.

A high rebound PU damping system provides better control and safety. You can simplify your speed and direction.

It is perfect for skate parks, ramps, and ponds to run with smooth surfaces and rugged platforms.


Powell-Peralta Charlie Blair Goat Deck


This Powell-Peralta Charlie Blair Goat deck comes with premium quality in this skateboard deck hard rock Maple. This deck works well in pools, skateparks, freestyle, streets, bombing hills.

This deck has a cool design and a strong one. It makes using one airlam presses. This deck, according to look, this is a strong and rough and tough deck.



LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks this the best skateboard deck you can buy. As it is well built and is made up of wood quality and fibers. This is suitable for everyone. This is a Medium concave deck with any symmetrical shape. You can work for any skateboarding style. Good for park skating and street skateboarding.

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